Privacy Policy, Terms Of Use & Cookie Consent Updated

Published: Sunday June 19, 2022

To keep up with the ever-changing trends, laws, and regulations of the Internet and the operations of an online service and website, we have gone through our Privacy Policy, Terms Of Use, and Cookie Consent popup and made a few necessary updates.

If you want to keep using our website and service, make sure to carefully look through these documents (Privacy Policy, Terms Of Use) in order to fully understand the way we process and handle your personal information, data, and cookies when you are using this website and service.

Furthermore, we have given our Cookie Consent popup an overhaul that makes it much easier for our visitors and users to see and understand what data and information the cookies used on this website and service collect and store in order to make your experience using our website and service as enjoyable as possible.

As we grow our website and service, make sure to occasionally check back in on these as we occasionally update them to further compy and regulate the use of our website and service.

/Team Opticous