The beginning

In 2018, Opticous was founded on the idea that bringing more amazing visuals to the hands of creative people, for free, could transform the creative online landscape in a positive way. As we, ourselves, are designers and photographers, we understand that to experience true and unlimited creative freedom is to be free from boundaries and limitations, and that is what we strive to achieve with every new photo, image and picture that we share here on Opticous.

To ensure that everything made available here on Opticous is truly void of limitations, we shoot, create and edit all of our visuals ourselves. This way, you can always trust that our entire stock of visuals will never be subject to copyright issues.

The journey

It has always been important to us to turn complex problems into simple solutions and that is why we always try to push the envelope of what our service stands for and what kind of visuals we are able to make available here on Opticous.

Although our journey through the visual may not always be a straight line, we never hold back on creativity and the scope of what we believe is the next chapter of unlimited creativity and the online visual format. As we all know, the Internet is always changing and so will we.

Even though our mission is clear to us, we always welcome new perspectives and suggestions. Should you feel that something is missing on our platform, please never hesitate to let us know. We grow with our user's creativity and thus we immeasurably value your input.

The mission

Our mission is to continue to make available an ever growing platform of creativity and visuals and we will push the envelope of what you can do with it, right here on Opticous.

The attention span of people using the Internet is getting ever shorter and that us why our platform will strive to present new and improved ways to catch their attention. Nothing can match a stunning visual when it comes to grabbing someone's attention and Opticous will strive to be the vehicle that help accomplish this for you.

Our passion is the visual and our love is to share.