584 New Images Added, UI Fixes, And More…

Published: Friday July 1, 2022

June was a particularly busy month for us here at Opticous. We are trying to optimize the process of getting new and original images and photos onto the website. However, while doing that, we also don't want to neglect to improve the website and its features.

Our roadmap is chock-full of things we believe our visitors will enjoy, and we are working hard to make sure they will see the light of day on the website as soon as possible.

June pushed on, and we managed to add another 584 new and original images to the website. They range from all things technology to the wondrous nature we have all come to love.

Our next batch of images and photos, we hope, will include a lot more business- and people-oriented motifs. This depends on the number of models we will be able to schedule. We are determined to make sure we don't neglect any categories just because certain ones are easier to shoot than others. We want Opticous to be a place where everyone, regardless of industry, can find what they are looking for.

We understand that this might take time, however, if we take one step at a time, we will get there eventually.

We also managed to fix a few user interface issues that were reported to us. There were a few instances of the navigation section not working as intended and also a few instances of images showing up in rather low resolutions, to name a few issues.

As we continue developing Opticous, we will make sure to iron out any issues that might affect the user experience. So, keep reporting anything anomalous, and we will continue to take a look at it.

/Team Opticous